What's In A Name

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Everyone knows any self respecting farmhouse needs one important thing... A name! So we set out to name our darling new slice of earth!

We have dogs so I thought we'd name it something quirky. My first choice was McWaggs-A-Lot Farms. Mr. Goober thought that was too weird, so we kept brainstorming.

During the move, a decorative, large, initial M fell off the mantel and nearly hit Mr. Goober in the head. He yelled out "Watch out for the flying M!" and it stuck! 

So, I introduce to you, Flying M Farms!

Now we just need a logo... and a sign out front... and some goats... and maybe a couple donkeys... and then of course an actual barn. 

Ha, we'll get there!

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