Welp, we moved!

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

So it seemed that as soon I started up The Half Finished House, I took a hiatus. If you recall my very first post about our massive brick fireplace feature wall, I went on about how were weren't moving in the foreseeable future. How ironic is that? Well we actually moved. I honestly still can't believe it. 

One thing that my husband (who I loving refer to as Mr. Goober) and I have always had in the back of our heads was that we wanted acreage. The timing was right, the house was awesome, and the land was amazing; so we seemingly suddenly decided to up and move! What were we thinking?! Truth be told, we did do a lot of praying in that critical week of decision making, but in the end, all the stars aligned and we packed up the house and moved! As a side note here, nobody tells you how difficult it is to sell and buy at the same time in a hot market. Seriously, so many moving pieces that have to all fall in to place; super stressful. 

So when we walked through the house for the first time, my brain was spinning! All the projects to be done! I was in love! It may have been stuck in 1996, but man when I get my hands into it, we could truly make this our forever home. I was completely sold! We sure have our work cut out for us and I cannot wait to get going!

So all that say, lets take the official before tour! 

Photo credit to Crye-Leike, Inc

So what do you think? Do you see all the potential that I do?

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