How to Decorate to Include Your Man

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Okay so when Adam and I got married and moved into our first house, there was a challenge I didn't anticipate. Did y'all see that recent episode of The Big Bang Theory where Penny re-decorated Leonard's room to look more girly? Leonard tells Penny she can decorate anyway she wanted; that she should make it her own and feel comfortable. 

Well, Penny did just that with pinks and florals and everything girly. While it made for a hilarious episode, it sure brought up an issue that can get messy when you stick masculine and feminine personalities in a house together and tell them to make it their own. 

Now generally speaking... it's the women scouring Pinterest, making design and color choices, and hanging wall art. So I'm writing this to those women. Here are 5 ways to decorate with a man in the house:


This one may be a bit obvious but I feel it can be overlooked. Most guys don't do florals. The same goes for bright colors. Keep your husband in mind when you're thinking about painting a wall neon pink or getting that floral wallpaper, would he truly be at home with a pink wall? If you need a little floral in your life, which who doesn't, keep it small by using artwork or a pillow. You could also consider keeping houseplants around instead of that tulip covered couch you have your eye on. 


While we're avoiding florals, you'll still want lots of pattern to make your home happy. Do your man a favor and stick to plain patterns: stripes, checkers, herringbone etc. Nothing too wild, it might scare him.


One thing that is essential to any home, no matter who is living in it is texture! My favorite texture to have throughout the house also happens to be pretty masculine: wood and metal. This could be anything from stainless steel appliances and wood shelving to metal picture frames or a beautiful wooden antique desk. Have as much texture as you'd like!


Guys are simple and generally they like their living space to be the same. Too many options and choices just get too overwhelming. So from everything from the number of sheet sets in the linen closet to the pots and pans. Less choices=less stress. Bonus!.. this will actually keep you less stressed as well so keep it simple for both your sakes. 


And lastly, don't forget to ask his input! Even if you decide to go in a different direction, asking him will make him feel valued and that he has a say in his own home. If he says he doesn't care, at least you asked and gave him a chance to have an opinion, but sometimes... they truly just don't have a point of view on the matter.

So there you have it, 5 ways to decorate with a man in the house. Do you think these will help make your man more comfortable in his own home? Let me know in the comments below!

Hosea 6:3 "Let us acknowledge the Lord, let us press on to acknowledge Him. As surely as the sun rises, He will appear; He will come to us like the winter rains, like the spring rains that water the earth."

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  1. Wow, you nailed it with "guys are simple". There are just some things that we can appreciate when done, but not care much about whether it's done or not.